» Curriculum Vitae


Active Working Papers and Work in Progress:

  • Personalized and Social Commerce
  • “Separating the Artist from the Art: Social Media Boycotts, Platform Sanctions, and Music Consumption” with D. Winkler and N. Wlomert
  • “Adding Ads: The Rise of Ad-Supported Subscription Plans and the Impact on Consumer Behavior and Platform Revenue” with D. McCarthy, J. Kook, and A. Tuchman
  • “Brewing Controversy: Bud Light’s Battle with Political Consumerism” with A.Tuchman and X.Zhu
  • “Consumer Acceptance of CRISPR-Edited Food and Implications for Online Grocery Shopping” with S. Deng and A. Adalja
  • “When Markets Collide: An Analysis of Cross-Market Mergers on Platform Outcomes” with S. Chintala
  • “Two Hours or Two Days? Impact of Faster Delivery Service on Online Shopping” with Saleh Zakerinia
  • “Identifying Substitution Patterns Using Product Reviews” with J. Boehnke and S. Hristakeva
  • “Firms’ Economic Centrality Dynamics” with A. Zaldokas and A. Ananth