AEM 4160: Strategic Pricing

Homework: Blog

Throughout the semester, you will write for a blog “Overt Collusion“. For each homework assignment your group should make one substantial post of around 200-300 words. Posts should be on some topic suggested by class activities or assigned readings. Pictures and analytical graphs are encouraged.

Two goals of this assignment are:

  1. to create, through practice, a clear and interesting voice suited to the blog medium and
  2. to master course material and related concepts through reflective writing and by considering others’ interpretations.

I will suggest topics for each homework assignment. Since one of your goals is to enhance your mastery of course material and make it an interesting read for your peers, take into account what is your target audience, what kind of posts will be fascinating to read and would generate a discussion in a comment section of the post.

Somewhere in the body of the post you should indicate the members of your group. It is up to you – you can even come up with a name for your group, and blog under that name throughout the semester. The most important thing is for me to know which group is behind each post.

To get the full credit for the blogging assignment, the post must be interesting, timely and relevant to highlighted topics, and be free of obvious grammatical, spelling and style errors. Each post should be tied to something that has appeared online or in the news relatively recently.

Each post must have a functioning link to a specific news story or blog post that is not authored by you. Your blog post must comment on the linked content. What you write in your post must be relevant to the link.

If you link to another blog post, the post should be written by someone with credentials, either a journalist for a major new organization or a well-known blogger (or blog site). Your link words should indicate what they link to; don’t just use “click here.”

Posting to the blog will be done by your TA. Before the blog post is due, you should email your TA your team’s blog post together with all embedded pictures or video links. The TA will post only those pieces which comply with all the guidelines described above.