Working Papers

  • Strategic Obfuscation and Price Fairness” with W. Allender, S. Nasser, and T. Richards; R&R, Marketing Science
  • “Switching Costs and Store Choice” with T. Richards; Submitted
  • “Background Noise? TV Advertising Affects Real Time Investor Behavior” with A. Zaldokas
  • “Is Comparative Advertising an Active Ingredient in the Market for Pain Relief?” , R&R, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy.
    • EARIE Young Economist Award for “exceptionally innovative and high-quality paper”
  • “Mental Accounting and Promotional Offers” with G. Fisher, M. McGranaghan and K. Wilbur
  • “Absence Labels: How Does Information about Production Practices Impact Demand?” with N. Streletskaya and H. Kaiser; Submitted.


Selected work in progress

  • “Watching People Watch TV” with Matt McGranaghan and Ken Wilbur
  • “SAVE vs OFF: Promotional Offer Framings in Coupons” with Matt McGranaghan and Ken Wilbur
  • “Are Bundles Substitutes or Complements for Unbundled Promotional Offers?” with Matt McGranaghan and Ken Wilbur
  • “Herding Behavior: Evidence from a Quasi-Field Experiment” with Nadia Streletskaya
  • “Exogenous Shocks and Demand for Pain Relievers” with Simon P. Anderson and Federico Ciliberto
  • “A Sheening Theory of Advertising” with Simon Anderson and Federico Ciliberto
  • “Competitive Advertising Spillovers” with Thales Teixeira and Kenneth Wilbur
  • “Advertising Spillovers: From Branded to Generic” with Jonathan Williams